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LocalPriceLookUp is a tool to help you save hundreds of dollars or more on your grocery bill!
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LocalPriceLookUp lets you know where your favorite items are on sale. Use this website to plan your next shopping trip.

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Save Time

No longer do you have to check the individual websites of all your favorite stores. We have all their best deals here!

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Save Money

No longer do you have to miss out on savings because you couldn't find their weekly ad. We have all their deals here!

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Save Gas

We give you the distances to the nearest stores around you.

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Get Notified

Members can create wishlists of their favorite products. You can be notified when your items go on sale.

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Stay Aware

Sign up for notifications when you drive by a store with your favorite items on sale.

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Shop Smart

When you're in a store doing your shopping, you can retrieve your shopping list to get the items on sale.

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